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[Fig1]: ./Pictures/Internship-Maite-epiGBS2/MicrosoftTeams-image__2_.png "library(ggpubr)"
# All commands that are excuted in the commandline
## Error pipeline library(ggpubr)
The error prevented the from being completed.
The error was about the R library `ggpubr`
Excuted commands:
`conda activate /mnt/nfs/bioinfdata/home/NIOO/maiten/duckweed_epiGBS/lane2_denovo8/epigbs2/.snakemake/conda/7d295ce0`
When you have completed this, you will enter an R environment, where you can perform R.
## Making a new file
Making a new file named barcode_inforamtion.txt with the lines 10 to 100 from a big file named process_radtags.clone.log
`sed -n -e '10,100p' process_radtags.clone.log > barcode_inforamtion.txt`
\ No newline at end of file
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